National Men Make Dinner Day

Happy National Men Make Dinner Day! 

Men Make Dinner Day was created by "unknown", to be celebrated on the first Thursday of November. The purpose was to give the lady of the house a break and an opportunity for the man of the house (who was unaccustomed to being in the kitchen) to explore...

Post-Election Etiquette

post-election etiquette tipsPost-Election Etiquette? Are sulking or gloating?

It's post-election day, what does etiquette have to do with it? Well, most likely you're either celebrating, moping, or super mad; which is understandable. It's how you handle your emotions; that's where etiquette comes in, especially in...

Why Is Apologizing So Hard?

Apologizing can be so hard, so humiliating, so awkward, contrived and sometimes, never enough!

Do you despise saying those three little words, "I am sorry"? Well, there is good news if you find apologizing hard to do!  Do I have the solution for you! You can hire someone to do it for you!  That...

Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance

September 11, 2013 Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance was proclaimed by President Obama. 

On that day, the American spirit came shining through. From sea to shining sea; through the fruited plain and the purple mountain majesties. Small towns, bustling cities; the poor to the prosperous; religious and non-religious; acquaintances and...

Burping in Public

Burping in public is gross.  

Your lover, mother, or roommate may not mind your burping (or so you think), but the people you work with, sit next to on public transportation or in the church pew might not find it so endearing. Whether you are in public or sitting next to your sister when...

Are Selfies Out of Control?

Out of control selfies, or just a form of expression? 

Who decides if a selfie is considered "out of control?" Why, that's a matter of opinion, outlook, personal boundaries, respect for yourself, the amount of time on your hands, how interesting you think it really is, and how much attention you require. Don't get me...

Reclining Airplane Seat Etiquette. It’s my prerogative!

Reclining airplane seat etiquette? 

If the flight is long or taking off late at night, reclining your airplane seat is a nice feature. However, there are a few etiquette points to consider when implementing the recline button. We've all been on board with the traveler who behaves as though their comfort is all that matters?
  • They are...

8 Facts About Labor Day

8 Facts About Labor Day 

I wanted to learn more facts about Labor Day, so I looked it up and I'm sharing them with you. What is it? It is a creation of the labor movement and dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers and the contributions...and well-being of our country.
  1. In 1894,...

Does Anyone Write Letters Anymore?

Why do so few people write letters anymore? 

My guest blogger this week is Taft Love of Lost Art Marketing. His message on writing letters is persuasive. The Art of Letter Writing The art of letter writing is far from dead. There are occasions when a handwritten note is irreplaceable. Birthdays and weddings are examples of...

Dining with Picky Eaters?

Teasing and urging picky eaters to "try something new" is rude!

Instead of being labeled a "picky eater", I prefer to be called a "decisive eater"; someone who knows what she likes and doesn't like."  That, my "bizarre foods" aficionados infers that I've tried it, or have decided not to. For example, I do not...