Holiday Gatherings; Handling personal questions

Holiday gatherings are here. Handling personal questions with tact and civility can be a challenge. 

"Oh, you got your hair cut." "Some people are just meant to be single." "If you're satisfied with your life, then that's all that matters." The anticipation of the dreaded comments or questions from friends or family members can put anyone...

The Phone Booth

The Phone Booth 

I say we bring back the phone booth!

The public is sick and tired of being forced to listen to random conversations. What would it be like if public cell phone chatting was banished and permitted only while inside a phone booth? 10 reasons to bring back the phone booth:
  1. You can't doze...

National Thank You Day

National Thank You Day

We don't really need a "National Thank You Day" to remind us to say "thank you," do we? Here are a few things to think about, relating to how or when we say "thank you":
  • Is there a difference when someone says "thanks" instead of "thank you"?
  • How...

Summer Workplace Attire

Summer Workplace Attire | Are you overexposed?

If you aren't sure what is appropriate or not, go with your gut--just don't show it. Dress code varies not only by industry, but also by geographical location. There are parts of the country where a more laid-back look is acceptable, even encouraged. Can this lack of dress...

You Know What I Mean

You know what I mean...

There you are, enjoying a conversation with a group of people at networking mixer, when one person looks over at you and says, "You know what I mean," inferring you're both in the same age category.  It is evident that you are not. The age difference was...

National Hamburger Day

It is National Hamburger Day! 6 Tips on Handling the Hamburger.

If you're a vegetarian, then I guess you are not interested in a day celebrating beef! According to the "History" website, the hamburger is the world's most popular food; over 40 billion burgers served annually. Origin: It is said that Hamburg, Germany was where the...

World Naked Gardening Day

May 2 is World Naked Gardening Day! 

The observation of gardening naked began only a few years ago (2005). They try to promote "a healthy sense of body acceptance."

"Just get naked and make your part of the botanical world a healthier and more attractive place."

Well, I guess if...


National Honesty Day

Today is National Honesty Day! No, really, it is.

In some cases being honest is not easy or the wisest thing to do. Picture this: Only yesterday, your boss was a brunette with a mainstream hair style, but this morning he walks into the office beaming with delight and confidence showcasing his new cut and...

National Ex Spouse Day

April 14 is National Ex Spouse Day.

Who is responsible for creating such a day?  The Reverend Ronald Coleman of Kansas City, Mo. of course. And how does a person celebrate such a day?
  • Celebrate being free from him/her.
  • You can consider releasing left-over anger or animosity.
  • Bury the hatchet, especially if children are involved.
  • Celebrate your...