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Madonna and the Trump Piñata

Madonna and the Trump Piñata

Madonna, really? A Trump piñata at your son's 11th birthday fiesta?  Are there lessons to be learned here? Q:  Is it acceptable to furnish a political-figure for a child's party, for any purpose? A: Well, maybe a stand-alone life-size poster where children and parents alike could use as a photo op.  Or,...

School Carpool : Before You Say “Yes”

The School Carpool. I did it, but I didn’t always love it.

Before you say "yes" to a carpool there are some things you might want to consider. While it is a practical practice, it doesn't work well for everyone. For the most part, it had nothing to do with the teens in the...

School Carpool Etiquette | 20 Tips

School carpool etiquette for parents.   

Friendly relationships have soured because of carpooling. Oh, it's not usually the children involved; it's the parents. School carpools are practical, but without a little etiquette, practical can quickly turn into intolerable. These tips can apply to children of all ages. However, I am focusing more on the older...

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junior bookMom, Dad, Are you ready?

He's coming home for Thanksgiving break!  His favorite cookies are baked, his favorite yogurt is neatly stacked in the refrigerator, his bed is freshly made, and all of the ingredients for his favorite dishes are purchased--you are ready...

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premy babyNovember: National Prematurity Awareness Month

What is considered a preterm birth? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is at least three weeks before the baby's due date. Photo of baby Alexis Clarke, born at 11 ounces.   more