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National Men Make Dinner Day

Happy National Men Make Dinner Day! 

Men Make Dinner Day was created by "unknown", to be celebrated on the first Thursday of November. The purpose was to give the lady of the house a break and an opportunity for the man of the house (who was unaccustomed to being in the kitchen) to explore...

Are Selfies Out of Control?

Out of control selfies, or just a form of expression? 

Who decides if a selfie is considered "out of control?" Why, that's a matter of opinion, outlook, personal boundaries, respect for yourself, the amount of time on your hands, how interesting you think it really is, and how much attention you require. Don't get me...

Deceased Celebrities Need Some Privacy

Why would deceased celebrities need some privacy; they're dead!

Shouldn't the deceased celebrity be allowed to pass with some dignity? And the family, shouldn't they be given some privacy?  At least until after the services! Why does the public think that they have to know every little detail surrounding the death of a celebrity?  What...

Rosalinda’s Blog | Russians’ Rude Reputation

capuccinoItalian television commercial provides tips on better behavior.

Apparently, rich Russian visitors simply adore Tuscany. But Tuscany does not adore them. Actually, it is their unpolished behavior that is not adored.  Apparently, their boorish behavior was bad enough that it prompted a hotelier...

Rosalinda’s Blog | Spicy Friday : Wedding Crasher

serena-williams-inlineWedding Crasher.

There you are, the moment has finally arrived; you both say "I do", you kiss and before you can kiss again, your family and friends surround you. Ah, what a wonderful and memorable moment. But wait, some of your guests are turning away. You can't see what or...