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Table Manners Tips for Grown-Ups

Table Manners Tips for Grown-Ups

How not to gross out or annoy your dining companions.  Because so many people eat on-the-go or at different times, there aren't as many opportunities to learn or reasons to use table manners. And, if you are used to eating alone, it is easy to fall into habits like...

10 Social Skills for Dinner Guests

10 Social Skills for dinner guests. 

I understand that sometimes you accept certain dinner invitations out of obligation. Or, agree to go to please your love partner. No matter what the reason is, there is no excuse for being a boor. Even when the host is your good friend or family member, and even if they've...

National Hot Dog Day

It's National Hot Dog Day!

Are there rules of etiquette on how to eat a hot dog? If I had my way, no! Well, not many. Hot dogs, were a common lunch treat in our household. My mom would chopped up a couple of hot dogs, sizzle them, then add eggs; hot dog scramble. We also...

National Hamburger Day

It is National Hamburger Day! 6 Tips on Handling the Hamburger.

If you're a vegetarian, then I guess you are not interested in a day celebrating beef! According to the "History" website, the hamburger is the world's most popular food; over 40 billion burgers served annually. Origin: It is said that Hamburg, Germany was where the...

8 Dinner Date Etiquette Tips

dating etiquette8 Dinner Date Etiquette Tips for Him and for Her.  

  Call it manners or consideration if you prefer; but using etiquette on a dinner date will help increase your chances of getting a second date. A date generally conveys having good time--revealing our best...

National Men Make Dinner Day

Happy National Men Make Dinner Day! 

Men Make Dinner Day was created by "unknown", to be celebrated on the first Thursday of November. The purpose was to give the lady of the house a break and an opportunity for the man of the house (who was unaccustomed to being in the kitchen) to explore...

Dining with Picky Eaters?

Teasing and urging picky eaters to "try something new" is rude!

Instead of being labeled a "picky eater", I prefer to be called a "decisive eater"; someone who knows what she likes and doesn't like."  That, my "bizarre foods" aficionados infers that I've tried it, or have decided not to. For example, I do not...

Peanut Butter Sandwich on the Airplane

peanut butter office.comPeanut butter and jelly; one of my favorite snacks.

When I'm not too hungry, but need a little something, my go-to snack is a half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Why not a whole? It's just too much. I've been...

Rosalinda’s Blog | Splitting the Check

iStock_000026640521SmallThe arbitrary method of settling the check can lead to indigestion (and declining the next invitation to get together).

Dining out with friends is usually a pleasurable event. However, it can quickly turn disagreeable, when the check is presented. Depending on how everyone handles...