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Help your students develop social skills that are essential for leadership and success!

The objective of an etiquette and civility workshop is not only to teach students of all ages the technical aspects of etiquette, like proper handshaking, appropriate sitting positions, and how to dine with finesse, but more importantly, to emphasize and bring understanding and awareness to how courtesy, consideration, directly influences others and helps develop healthy relationships.

Workshops are conducted in a lighthearted and interactive manner, allowing students to learn through discussion.

What the Students Say:

“…You truly did help us very much in this difficult process.” –Ryan
“Mrs. Randall provided a safe, fun environment to ask LOTS of questions, laugh and learn.” – Molly
“She really helped me feel confident in going into my interview and made me feel more mature.” – Blake

Confident, Polished, and Prepared: Leadership & Civility Skills for High School Students

High school is when a student leaves childhood and enters young adulthood. They will be faced with new experiences and opportunities: College entrance interviews, internships/job interviews, volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, athletic traveling teams, and community service projects.

This workshop is designed to teach them the essential skills they will need to face these challenges with poise and civility and to become positive, effective leaders.

Topics include:

  • First perceptions
  • Daily courtesies
  • “Why should I care about this?”
  • Handshaking
  • Gender traditions
  • Addressing adults
  • How to get adults to listen
  • Body language basics
  • Responding with clarity
  • TMI, slang, and drama
  • Interview nuances: before, during, and after
  • You’re hired!  New-hire do’s and don’ts
  • Proper attire
  • Telephone, ‘texting’, and social media
  • Business and social dining skills

A well-rounded and confident individual holds the key to success. Enhance your school’s image by promoting and providing civility and etiquette workshops for your students (and staff).  

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Rosalinda Randall - Etiquette Consultant



The high school application process can be a nerve-racking time for parents and students. The pressure for the student to achieve great grades, pile on the extra-curricular activities, volunteering, hobbies, and perhaps the most dispute-causing topic, the school selection.  For many students, this will be their first interview; that alone can create added anxiety. 

Transform self-consciousness into self-confidence by providing your students with the knowledge and essential skills to succeed.

Take away their burden of  self-doubt and suspense.

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Rosalinda Randall, Etiquette Consultant MARVELOUS MANNERS | 3-8th Grade

Building confidence while learning about manners and civility.


  • My Every Day Words
  • Introductions and Handshakes
  • How to Speak to Adults
Interrupting and Patience
Small Talk
  • My Peaceful Plans; How to Soothe Anger
  • Restroom Etiquette
  • Hygiene Basics
  • Sneezing, Coughing, and Blowing Your Nose
  • Nose Picking, Toots and Burps
  • I Am Responsible
  • Parties and Invitations
  • Gifts and Thank You Notes
  • Behavior in Public Places
  • Telephone and Cell Phone Tips
  • Gossip: Verbal, Text, Email
  • The School Dance: Do’s and Don’ts

table mannersDINING

  • Pulling Out a Chair
  • Sitting Positions
  • Napkin Use and Placement
  • When to Begin Eating
  • Awkward Situations
  • Elbows, Hats, Tech-Gadgets, and Under-the-Table Exploring
  • Simple and Formal Place Settings
  • The Finger Bowl
  • Dinner Conversation
  • Trying New Foods and Difficult To Eat Foods
  • American vs. Continental Styles*

Classes are customized to meet your needs. Contact me for more information.

Etiquette is an attitude.

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