Let’s Keep It Civil: Utilizing Communication And Soft Skill Techniques To Avoid Workplace Missteps and Disasters

Learning to be the person who resolves communication chaos, rather than creating it.

This presentation points out and focuses on how to thoughtfully and more effectively interact and communicate using key traits including, Courtesy, Tact, and Humor, coupled with her 4 key go-to benchmarks, which will quickly become an essential mantra.

Individuals will develop a new way of looking at and handling awkward conversations or downright rude behavior, whether it’s face-to-face or online.

To allow the audience to get the most out of the presentation, Rosalinda embraces a Q&A style.  She shares real-life examples relevant to her audience, weaving her signature sense of humor for a more penetrating experience.

The presentation is suitable for any audience and can be customized to address particular concerns, industry specific, or to support and enhance your company’s image.


“Chivalrous Acts; Outdated? Or, do they need some adjusting for today’s workplace?”  

This lively and often fervent presentation isn’t just for women. In fact, a mixed audience will lend itself to varying perspectives, providing an opportunity to put Rosalinda’s “how-to” tips into practice.

This presentation is not a crusade or oration to address equality in the workplace, a specific group’s rights, or any other cause.  The goal is to inspire a more courteous, understanding, and gracious outlook when handling business relationship dilemmas.

Using some examples from her book, “Don’t Burp in the Boardroom” along with current trends, and audience Q&A, she’ll delve into common scenarios that arise when doing business with all kinds of people, like hugging, conversations styles, getting personal, and so on.  Rosalinda focuses on discovering and considering different ways to approach sensitive conversations or situations without losing our cool.

She’ll discuss options on how to calmly handle situations; how what’s “offensive” to one person, isn’t to another; how generational and cultural differences play a role; how to become more aware; subtle communication styles that sometimes causes frustration.

It’s not about treating women or men equally, it’s treating everyone with respect and courtesy.


Social skills; what we use to communicate and interact with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, through body language and gestures, as well as our personal appearance.

Millennials are known for being technologically savvy, but somehow lacking the soft skills that are necessary to build relationships, interact with clients, or climb the corporate ladder.

While showing a new employee where the copy machine and restrooms are located is important, educating them on the company culture, standards and expectations is of greater importance. Social skills and workplace etiquette are essential components for confidence-development, preparing and setting every employee up for success.

Skills like, boundaries, eye-contact, greetings, smartphone self-control, how to accept criticism, how to handle coworker quirks, how attire plays a role, attending & hosting meetings are essential, and even basic dining etiquette, especially if they’ll be dealing with clients. With the proper training, millennials and new hires will relate more purposefully and effectively with coworkers, clients, and management.

This targeted training workshop is especially relevant with 5 generations working together, all with unique perspectives, attitudes and expectations.



Whether you work in a fast-paced formal corporate company or an easy-going casual start-up, your demeanor and manners have an impact on those around you, especially your clients.

This presentation covers everything from the basics to the subtle nuances that make a big difference on how others feel when they’re around you.  Everyone from the long-term employee, new-hire, sales team, and front office staff will benefit from this refresher course.

Topics include:

  • First Impressions: Walking, Posture, Entering a Room, Sitting and Standing, Body Language Basics, Attire/Hygiene/Grooming.
  • Greetings: Mastering the Handshake & Awkward Situations, Introducing Yourself, Professional Responses.
  • Meeting Manners: Guest & Host Dos & Don’ts, Unprepared, Common Annoyances, Virtual Meetings.
  • Getting Along in a Cubicle and Open Environment: Handling Cube-Mate Quirks, The Drop-In, Privacy, Cubicle Décor.
  • Communicating Effectively & Professionally: Using How-To Tools to Help You Respond Instead of React, Terms & Phrases You Need To Stop, Boundaries/Interruptions, Tone of Voice, Keeping Your Emails/Letters Professional, Telephone Tips & Voicemail Messages, Talking To the Boss & Clients.
  • Workplace Dilemmas: Coworker Cliques, Office Gossip, Criticism, Office Romances, Social Media Image, Moods/Attitudes, Office Parties, Your Personal vs. Professional Life.
  • Networking With a Purpose: Representing Yourself & the Company, How to Start & End a Conversation, How to Handle Awkward Conversations, the Refreshment Table.

This, like all of her other presentations can be customized to address particular concerns, enhance your company’s image, or support HR policies.

Additional presentations if you're looking for something more specific:

Put Your Best Foot Forward… Just Make Sure It’s Clean!

This presentation is designed specifically for Independent contractors and on-site service technicians who face the unique circumstance of conducting business mostly in peoples’ homes.

Rosalinda shares an array of ideas on not only how these technicians should present themselves when on site, but how to handle some possibly tough customer-facing situations. Delivered in her down to earth, humorous style, Rosalinda keeps the audience interested while they cultivate social skills that keep your customers happy and referring your company to others–from the moment they start their engines to arriving at the service destination.

As with all of Rosalinda’s presentations, questions are welcomed and addressed throughout the presentation.

Subtleties that Seal the Deal

National Hug Your Boss DayThe Sales and Marketing teams are often the public face of the company, ambassadors for the brand. With wit and charm, Rosalinda teaches dining basics, gender-neutral interactions, personal image (hygiene, grooming, attire), telephone techniques, meeting/party guest and host duties that will improve client interactions and customer retention. She also discusses several surefire ways to lose a client, thus arming your team with what to avoid and the confidence to always put their best foot forward. Questions are welcomed and addressed throughout the presentation.

Dining with Confidence

Don’t lose out on a job offer, gaining a new client, or a second date because of your lack of table manners. Knowing the ins and outs will allow you to focus on the conversation, and not stress over taking the wrong bread plate.

Rosalinda uses her usual wit to cover making an entrance, greeting the host, foods to avoid, appropriate conversation, and gender-neutral behaviors. Common questions are answered like dietary preferences, how and when; social media, yes or no; sharing food; to drink or not to drink; doggie bags, elbows, cell phones, appropriate dress and handling awkward moments with humor and discretion.

The care you take and manners you practice during a dining experience will give your clients confidence that you will at least take as much care with their everyday business. Questions are welcomed and addressed throughout the presentation.

Elevate Your Social Skills to Match Your Tech Skills – A Killer Combination

Have you ever been awed by someone who always seems to know what to say? They don’t fumble around or worry about how to say what they mean without offending someone, or whether to say anything at all.

You can acquire these communication skills — also known as “social skills” through this audience-driven “Elevate Your Social Skills” presentation.

When you improve your social skills, you’ll improve your communication skills (aka, people skills), both in your personal and professional life.

You’ll gain awareness on how you come across to others, evaluate how you would like to come across to others, polish your professional presence, acquire methods on how to interact with different personalities, how to handle criticism, and how to tactfully say what you mean.

In her straightforward and humorous way, Rosalinda also offers tips on how to start and end a conversation, approach clients, tweak vocabulary (yes/yeah, going to/gonna), grooming and attire (why care about it) and patience/tone when dealing with the technologically challenged.

A must-have for any IT department that wants to step it up and improve their professional presence and build confidence when it comes to being in the public eye and in front of investors.

Are your students ready for the real world?

Do they have current information to gracefully ease into a new work environment with confidence?

Are they prepared to tactfully handle awkward dilemmas?

Prepare your students to confidently take on the world. Be the school that has employers lining up to hire your students.

These fun, painless, confidence-building presentations will introduce your students to modern and practical skills that are relevant to today’s workplace.

All the Right Moves from Pupil to Professional

In this presentation, Rosalinda shares the necessary social skills to succeed in the real world.  Topics include:

  • Networking Nuances
  • Job Fair and Interviewing Techniques
  • Professional Image Preparation
  • Getting Along in a Cube Farm
  • Communication Skills
  • Dealing with Gossip, Boundaries, Rejection, Office Romances, and Criticism

Behavior: From the Coffee Shop to the Conference Room

Topics include: Tips for hosting and attending a meeting, distractions, sitting & rising, eating, late arrivals, no-shows, handling interruptions and talkers, virtual vs. on-site.

Business Dining: The lack of table manners can cause you to lose out on a job offer. You’ll possess all the right moves after Rosalinda’s ninety-minute presentation.

Just for Athletes: Playing Nice on the Playing Field

Can one player’s conduct affect the entire team?  The behavior of one athlete or student does and has affected an entire school and professional sports organizations. Whether on or off the field, are your athletes representing their school/team the way you’d like them to? From their social media presence, attending fundraising events, meeting and greeting, traveling, or how they conduct themselves at a local restaurant, one misstep can be fatal to their athletic career.

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