Professional Development and Business Civility Training:

Client Care
Customers typically shop where they feel appreciate, or at least acknowledged.  Many customers will drive farther and pay more to shop where they feel appreciated; I do.  In fact, only a small percentage of customers a deterred due to higher prices.

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Customer Service
Clients who love their salon experience don’t keep it a secret from friends and family. In fact, they become “regulars” who rarely miss the next appointment. What sets your salon apart from the others…

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Professional Development
The decrease of civility in the workplace has become an increasing concern to more and more employers. Now there is solution. Civility Workshops.

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Colleges and Universities
Apprentice to Professional: This fun, painless and priceless boot camp will introduce you to the modern and practical skills that are relevant to your life. Whether you are entering the job market, leaving home, or undecided, why not be prepared for any opportunity that comes your way.

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Schools and Youth Organizations
Enhance your curriculum by incorporating etiquette. Engaging age-appropriate activities, songs, videos and books are incorporated throughout the lessons. Classes can be tailored to meet your needs…

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