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2020 Debate: A lesson in civility?

Are the days of looking up to our leaders a thing of the past?

Perhaps looking up to them has now unfortunately evolved to looking to them to learn how not to behave. With no political agenda or preference, I will break down the behavior, not the man. The moderator. I believe he set the right...

Tips on how to survive Inauguration Day

Tips on how to survive Inauguration Day -- no matter what side you're on.

Admittedly, this election season has been more tumultuous, than any other in recent history.  Sadly, it continues to be. Families have severed relationships with one another, long-time friendships have fallen apart, and some workplaces have requested that employees who voted for...

Reserve the right to refuse anyone who…

Reserve the right to refuse anyone who...

You've undoubtedly seen signs on establishments that read: "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." And the second most common, "No shirt, no shoes, no service." Can a place of business really refuse anyone who...? According to Ms. Jane Haskins, Esq. who writes for more

Post-Election Aftershock

Post-Election Aftershock

I did not watch the election day play-by-play; what for?  For me, it would like watching someone tediously describing someone crossing the street. "Wait for it...there, she lifted her left foot about four-inches off the pavement, slowly placing her heel in front of her right foot..." Aghhh! Besides, except for my vote, I...

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