Helping Businesses and Individuals Create a More Respectful Workplace Culture

Support HR policies and educate your employees on the standards and skills needed to communicate and behave respectfully to reduce misunderstandings. 

With five generations of employees in today’s workforce, gender-neutrality, harassment claims, and varying company cultures, building a strong and positive company image and harassment-free atmosphere can be difficult for any business.

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Rosalinda Randall provides an easy-to-follow framework and a different perspective and attitude when communicating and interacting with coworkers, clients, or representing the company at a conference or trade show.

Rosalinda’s interactive presentations are filled with real-life, relatable examples. Her signature straightforward and humorous manner keeps the audience engaged.

She offers options, not one-size-fits-all rules. 

Participants walk away equipped with tools and tactics that can immediately be put to use, if they choose.

Those who participate in her presentations become individuals who know how to resolve communication chaos rather than create it.

How much more productive and profitable would your organization be if less time was wasted on poor communication and internal conflicts?

Before a nuisance or dilemma turns into a Human Resource nightmare, or worse, a legal battle, let’s talk.

“What a treat to be in the audience of Rosalinda Randall’s recent presentation! She is such a gifted speaker ~ so relaxed, poised and hysterically funny! She did not miss a beat during the fast paced Q & A, with questions ranging from the proper handshake to unsavory bodily functions! She responded with immediacy and the audience howled and shrieked in turn! Who would ever imagine that civility could be so fun!”

– Suzi Desmond, Program Director at Epiphany Center


Rosalinda Randall Tackles Cursing in the Workplace with KTLA 5


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Grab the one book that tackles the really TOUGH  workplace dilemmas. Don’t Burp in the Board Room is your guide to handling uncommonly common workplace dilemmas from the boardroom to the office to the warehouse and beyond.


“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for coming and I thought your presentation was excellent. I learned a lot! It was great reinforcement for professional etiquette – I think sometimes we get jaded or get in such a routine that we forget how our behavior/actions can be interpreted by others specifically in the workplace setting.”

– Kate Gilbertson, Sales Manager, Koncept Events, Fort Lauderdale

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