Helping Individuals Evaluate and Enhance Their Communication Style and Habits, Presence and Demeanor.

It’s all in the details.

Whether it’s at work, in a meeting, face-to-face or virtually, dining out, at a holiday gathering or date, at a job interview, audition, or with your significant other, manners, civility, respect, and tact matter. Lack of them can make or break a relationship or get passed over for a promotion.

In my sessions, I provide techniques, options, tips, and advice to help individuals communicate more effectively, calmly, and tactfully.

Is is possible to hold a conversation with someone who holds an opposing view without disrespecting each other? 

The majority of my clients hire me to address specific concerns. Recently, the most requested is to help improve and recognize differences in communication styles and tips to handle disagreeable or awkward conversations. This includes, when and how to speak to someone, how to make your point without getting dramatic or imposing, and to considering communication styles and cultural norms.

Is our intent to find common ground or a resolution? Or do we enter a conversation to impose our views, change their mind, or challenge them? 

Until we return to in-person training, I am available to provide training to support your organization’s human resource policies.  For more information and a special virtual training price quote, please contact me.

“What a treat to be in the audience of Rosalinda Randall’s recent presentation! She is such a gifted speaker ~ so relaxed, poised and hysterically funny! She did not miss a beat during the fast paced Q & A, with questions ranging from the proper handshake to unsavory bodily functions! She responded with immediacy and the audience howled and shrieked in turn! Who would ever imagine that civility could be so fun!”

– Suzi Desmond, Program Director at Epiphany Center


Post-Pandemic Awkward Encounters


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“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for coming and I thought your presentation was excellent. I learned a lot! It was great reinforcement for professional etiquette – I think sometimes we get jaded or get in such a routine that we forget how our behavior/actions can be interpreted by others specifically in the workplace setting.”

– Kate Gilbertson, Sales Manager, Koncept Events, Fort Lauderdale

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