Rosalinda Oropeza Randall, Nationally Recognized Etiquette and Civility Expert, Author and Media Source 

In this climate of social tension, inclusion, diversity, and opposing viewpoints, it is essential to possess tools and techniques to respectfully and productively communicate with one another.

No matter how we choose to communicate, via social media, text, or face-to-face, what we say can help strengthen our relationships, or tear them down. Whether it’s at work, in a meeting, face-to-face or virtually, dining out, at a holiday gathering or date, at a job interview, audition, or with your significant other. Manners, civility, respect, and tact matter.

I focus on providing techniques, options, and advice to help individuals communicate more effectively, calmly, and tactfully, without masking their personality.

Until we return to in-person meetings, I am available to provide virtual training to support your staff and your organization’s new COVID-related policies.  For more information and a special virtual training price quote, please contact me.

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Post-Pandemic Awkward Encounters

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