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For media appearances or radio interviews, please contact me: Contact Page Or call me directly at 650.871.6200. For immediate request: 650.515.0402.

Nov/Dec Suggested Hot Topics:  Holiday-Related: Holiday Office Party Behavior: Selfies, Hook-ups, Drinking  –  Holiday Workplace Decor & Greetings  –  Maneuvering Conversations  –   Donation Reqst/Gift Exchange   –   Invited to the boss’s for dinner   –  Basic table manners   –   House guest do’s & don’ts

Non-Holiday:  Workplace hugging & touching  –  Compliments  –  Workplace conversations about sexual harassment  –  After-work hour events, dinners & out-of-town business trips  –  Politics & religion & your social media image  –  Social skills that make you more likable

 A Few of My Television Appearances:

Good Day Sacramento: Working W/Cheerful Coworker (Link)
KMAX-CW31 Appearance: Courtesy in Public Places (Link)
KTLA 5 Appearance: Cursing in the Workplace (Link)
Good Day Sacramento Appearance: Hotel Etiquette (Link)
KTLA 5, Morning News (Link)
Good Day Sacramento (Link)
Good Day Sacramento(Link)
WTTG Fox 5, Good Day DC (Link)
WBFF Fox 45 Morning News, Baltimore (Link)
KTLA 5 Morning News (Link)
KTLA 5 Morning News((Link)
KTLA 5 Morning News, Pt 1 (Link)
KTLA 5 Morning News, Pt 2 (Link)
KING 5, New Day Northwest Seattle (Link)
KTLA 5 Morning News (Link)
KGUN Tucscon (Link)
Fox 5 Morning News, San Diego (Link)
Good Day Sacramento (Link)

A Few of My Radio Interviews:

The Law of Business, Host Jamil Jama (Link)
The Ed Tyyl Show (Link)
Neil Ball’s The Entrepreneur Way (Link)
UKs The James Whale Show (Link) This segment contains adult content about stress at work. To listen to Rosalinda go to 21:00 -21:30 and 8:00 – 18:00.
Let’s Face It – Wil Strayhorn (Link) To listen to Rosalinda go t 18:20 – 48:02.
Kevin Short, Think Outrageous (Link)
Kickn’ it With Daree (Link)
Cut the Crap w/Udall (Link)
UK talkRadio, Jonny Gould featuring Ash (Link)
The Chris Brake Show (Link)
Real Life Faith w/Cheryl Lacey Donovan(Link)
UK talkRadio, Jonny Gould featuring Ash Show (Link)
I Want To Know (Link)
The Kovacs Perspective, (Link)
Jim Barrett News Radio, WRVA  (Link)
Dan and Mike in the Morning, WBEX  (Link)
Mike Calderwood, Business Advantage Radio Network  (Link)
Bulldog and the Rude Awakening Show, Ocean 98.1, Burping and a variety of topics  (no audio)
Angie Austin Radio, Daybreak USA Networks, “Rude Behavior” (no audio)
Rosalinda on America Now Radio (mp3)
Friends of Kevin Interviews Rosalinda on The Dos and Don’ts at Networking Events (mp3)
WTBS’s Shannon Devereaux Sanford Interviews Rosalinda (mp3)
Barry Moltz of Business Insanity Radio Interviews Rosalinda (Link)
Barb Adams Talk to Rosalinda about her New Book, Don’t Burp in the Boardroom (mp3)
Tony DUrso, The Revenue Chat (Link)


Business Insider, “What do I say and do when you’re stuck in an elevator with your CEO” (Link)
UK’s Business Grapevine “7 questions you should never ask your colleagues” (Link)
Business Insider, “20 Things You Should Never Say to Your Coworkers” (Link)
Business Insider, “19 Unprofessional Habits That Could Cost You ‘a’ Job” (Link)
Business Insider, “18 Unprofessional Habits That Could Cost You ‘Your’ Job”  (Link)
Glamour Magazine, “How to Deal with the Office Bully”  (Link)
Glamour Magazine (en Espanol), “How to Deal with the Office Bully (Link)
Money Magazine, “How to Recover from 8 Awkward Work Moments” “(Link)
Ms Career Girl, “Real Career Girls Don’t Burp in the Boardroom”  (Link)
Fast Company, “Top Interviewing Moves”  (Link)
Brazen Careerist, “10 Tips to Make a Good First Impression”  (Link)
Smart Hustle, “5 Things that Make Unapproachable Your Business”  (Link)
The Business Journals, “How to Make Any Office Guest Feel Welcome”  (Link)
Great Leadership, “6 Ways to Maintain Your Staff”  (Link)
Business News Daily, “Do Your Employees Secretly Dislike You?”  (Link)
Young Upstarts, “18 Things To Consider Before an Interview Dinner”  (Link)
Small Biz Technology, “Bye Bye Telecommuting:  Tips on Re-entering the Workplace”  (Link)

Press Releases:

Announcing Rosalinda’s book: Don’t Burp in the Boardroom: Your Guide to Handling Uncommonly Common Workplace Dilemmas (Link)

Book Endorsements:


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