Putting personal politics over profit. Is this good for business?

Posting about a cause you support may or may not influence or affect whether someone conducts business with you.

Posting your political views is another thing. Disagreements will arise, but I believe that most people will think twice before posting a harsh comeback because your perspective was shared respectfully.

It’s important to stand by our values. In today’s climate, expressing our beliefs takes courage. However, if your words are vicious or uncivil toward those with opposing views, that reveals something different. Sharing and promoting your perspective doesn’t require publicly trash-talking those with a different viewpoint. 

It isn’t what you stand for, it’s how you represent what you stand for. #businessetiquette #dignity #integrity

As an employee, you may think you have the right to post whatever you want, especially when you’re off-the-clock. You may want to reread the Code of Conduct first. Guidelines vary for privately owned companies, federal, state, etc.

You don’t have to agree with everyone, but in the business world, publicly insulting or demeaning others because of their beliefs used to be considered unprofessional. #oldschool #businessetiquette #politicsoverprofit

Ultimately, politics is politics and profit is profit. Ranting online about controversial topics is risky for business. Sure, you will have those who agree with you. But even then, if your rant is uncivil or hateful, some of your like-minded supporters may shy away from your manner of speech. With a few exceptions, it’s more likely to make people view you and your business in a negative light. I could be wrong if your circle of connections are limited to only like-minded individuals.

When it comes to politics, our society’s sensibilities seem to be more heightened than ever. Sometimes moving people to sever ties with those who think differently. And that, is certainly your choice.

As a business person, particularly self-employed, alienating anyone is a loss in revenue. #politicsoverprofit #businessetiquette

My personal perspective is unless I’m involved in politics, sharing my opinions is unnecessary, unessential to my business and goals, and irrelevant to delivering quality and professional services. 

Naturally, if a politically-related regulation is affecting our business, we must get involved; fight it with options and solutions. But if not, isn’t it a wiser approach to spend ones energy into promoting our business? Are you prepared to sacrifice potential profits for the sake of engaging in uncivil online debates?

  • Can we agree that you have the right to express yourself as you see fit? I sincerely believe this and respect everyone’s right. Preferably using a civil and respectful tone.
  • Can we agree that posting malicious or rude comments can have a financial effect on your business?  Failure to anticipate this can result in financial strain and missed opportunities.
  • Can we agree that a business person must expect and accept potential backlash to posts? Unavoidable. You may experience diminished loyalty, loss of prestige, or gain a huge boost in business! Is this a risk you’re willing to take?
  • Can we agree that the goal of a business-minded person is to build a reputable and successful business? “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” Paolo Coelho

Final Thoughts:

The above message is not for everyone. In fact, you may completely disagree. My point is merely to create an awareness in how we choose to express our opinions while conducting our business.

I know too many people with differing perspectives, all whom I like! Which is why I’m indifferent to anyone’s personal political perspective, especially in business. What is important is respect, integrity, on-time delivery, and quality of service or product.

Being steadfast and holding on to deep beliefs is marvelous. However, knowing how to express and share these beliefs is key, especially if your goal or hope is to convince, spread the word, or help others understand your position. Whatever we put out on social media, there will be comments. I know, I receive them frequently, not always in agreement.

If anything, I strongly believe that holding on to our dignity, ethics, principles, whatever you want to call them, is the most important thing. As Whitney Houston sang, “…they can’t take away my dignity…”

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