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National Day of Encouragement

September 12, 2023 is National Day of Encouragement …”This day is dedicated to uplifting people around us and making a positive impact.” Encouraging someone can be risky. It’s not simply about vocalizing a perfunctory phrase, but rather considering factors such as the recipient's state of mind, timing, and the relationship. What do I mean? Well, if the...

How to handle these 3 sticky workplace situations

Practicing business etiquette in the workplace, will help you manage sticky situations in a more civil and productive manner.

1. You realize that your actions or words, hurt, disappointed, or inconvenienced someone in the workplace. Business Etiquette Solution: Apologize. For some people, apologizing, is unthinkable! Why? Because it makes them feel vulnerable, lose their...

5 Morning Routines That Make You More Professional—Before You Get to Work

5 Morning Routines That Make You More Professional--Before You Get to Work Have you, or someone you work with, walk into work like someone just forced them to get out of bed? Not a super professional or approachable look. We all have "bad" days; no sleep, forgot to set the alarm, unexpected detours on the way to...

Business Etiquette: Building a Professional Image

Business Etiquette: Building a Professional Image

Business etiquette training is on the rise to help employees build or polish their soft skills.

Establishing yourself as "professional" doesn't only mean dressing appropriately. It is deeper than that, more effective, and longer lasting.  What is it?

Building or Upgrading Your Reputation | 6 Ways to Get...


7 Tacky Work Holiday Party Behaviors

We may disagree on what is considered tacky. Your boss' interpretation is what matters. 

Many work holiday parties are more casual, which is conducive to casual behavior. But after a couple of cocktails, casual can quickly deteriorate into tacky. 1. Consuming adult beverages.  If my boss gets drunk at the...


ETIQUETTE TIPS AND ADVICE FOR ACTORS AND THE FILM INDUSTRY:                                                                                      ...


Actors Who Speak Out On-Set, Auditions, & Green-Rooms


Rosalinda Oropeza Randall | Etiquette Expert and Actor/Actríz

Speaking out can either be helpful or harmful to your reputation and career.

As an actor and expert television guest, I’ve been on a variety of sets and green rooms. Sitting in a...


6 Bad Business Behaviors I Won’t Put Up With

What’s your reason for doing business with someone? Is it the timely service? Geographically convenient? Or is price at the top of your list? Well, you won’t find it at the top of mine. While budget may dictate whether I can go ahead, the decision to engage in a business relationship has already been...

6 Ways to Be Less Rude at Work

After you’ve rolled your eyes and let out a sigh of frustration the next time a colleague does or says something rude, consider this; could it be their apathetic and arrogant attitude? Is it a generational divide?  Could it be their lack of workplace experience? Or maybe cultural differences? While these are not excuses for...

Social Media Productivity Loss in the Workplace

Many employers believe that browsing on social media during work hours is distracting. It requires time to refocus and make up for loss of productivity and mood shifts. Surely you can't help but resist the urge to check your phone when you want to see if anyone commented on your new Facebook post, or check...

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