5 Morning Routines That Make You More Professional–Before You Get to Work

Have you, or someone you work with, walk into work like someone just forced them to get out of bed? Not a super professional or approachable look.

We all have “bad” days; no sleep, forgot to set the alarm, unexpected detours on the way to work. Everyone understands those. However, when an employee is consistently late, or always makes excuses for their bad mood, that gets old.

Here are 5 ways to make you more professional, before you get to work:

1. Get up on time. Why? So you won’t arrive to work late, again. So you aren’t rushing into work with a list of reasons why you’re late, again. So you don’t get fired or written up. So “lateness” won’t be reflected in your next review.

Tip: If you like to hit “snooze” three times before you get up, set your alarm ten minutes early. If it’s because you’re always tired, change things.

2. Shower. Why? Really? Because no one wants to sniff last night’s sweat.

Tip: If you don’t want to make the time to shower in the morning, shower before bedtime. If the latter is your choice, consider a quick splash in the armpit, apply deodorant, and put on clean clothes.

3. Wear something more stylish than a tee-shirt and sweats. Why? Because it shows you care about what you present the world. Because it shows respect to your boss, coworkers, and clients. Because it shows management that you can represent the company well if given the opportunity. And, because you will feel more professional.

Tip: If budget is a concern, shop thrift stores. If you have no idea what to wear, ask someone in your circle of friends/family who dresses appropriately or similar to what you’d like to wear.

4. Leave your personal problems at home. Why? Because it get old hearing about the same old problems. Because you put your coworkers in an awkward situation, not knowing how to help you.  Because you won’t be productive. Because it shows management that you couldn’t possibly handle a promotion or take on new tasks.

Tip: If your situation is ongoing, consider seeking professional assistance. Talk to your boss so that they can provide assistance. Evaluate how you can change it. If your problem is seldom, most everyone will understand; it happens to all of us.

5. Put on a pleasant facial expression before you walk into work. Why? Because you’re glad to have a job.

Tip: Walking into work with a scowl or a woe-is-me expression, brings everyone down. And, it creates concern about you. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have people look forward to greeting you, than dreading it? Make a smile, a part of your new wardrobe.

Final thoughts: Many workplaces are casual, not only in dress, but in how we carry ourselves. No matter how casual you workplace is, there are still time-honored customs that are beneficial to possess.

“I don’t care what I look like…we shouldn’t judge someone’s abilities on how they dress.” You are correct, however, our society, in general, does. People who don’t know how brilliant you are only have a first impression to go on.

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