Are you an I’ll-get-to-it unpacker or an I’ve-got-to-do-it-now unpacker?

It seems that after every holiday, my suitcase sits for several days before I feel like unpacking it. I’ll rummage through the suitcase looking for the item I need, but there it will sit. Maybe if I lived in a studio apartment, rented a room in someone’s house, or had a roommate (oh wait, I do; my husband), I would feel compelled to put things where they belong.

Going unnoticed, my suitcase can sit in one of three rooms for as long as I want. And, it does. History is clear, I tend to leave my suitcase unpacked longer after an “emotional” trip. For example, after returning from visiting my parents, sister, brother, etc., my suitcase sits for almost a week before I deal with it. Not because I’ve had a traumatic emotional experience; the emotions can be happy or sad.

A more recent example is our youngest son’s wedding. It has been one week and two days since the wedding and my brown suitcase still sits unpacked, in his room. I guess you can say that there is some significance that I placed it in his room…

I’m back. Needed to shed a few tears.

I realized that unpacking means that “it” is over, and many times I am not ready for that trip or experience to be over. Speaking specifically of my most recent trip, it is heart-wrenching to walk into his room. So why do I do it? Because I love to feel pain…wait, wait, I’m not getting kinky.

Along with the pleasures that love brings, pain is inevitable. It can be the pain of a subtle gesture, a forgotten call, a careless phrase or when your baby grows up and leaves your home to begin his/her life. I guess we refer to that emotion as bittersweet. The “bitter” brings tears of the joy recalling the best years of my life, and the “sweet” is how it’s supposed to be…oh-oh, a few more tears…

I’m not sure how long my suitcase will remain unpacked this time, but I am certain that it won’t happen this week. When it comes around to emptying your own suitcase, don’t forget the important step of cleaning it. You can use a Bissell vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, dust, crumbs, and other small debris from your suitcase.

Etiquette approach: none.

_________Etiquette is attitude.

Rosalinda Randall, a mother, an Etiquette Consultant and Owner of Your Relationship Edge. She has been spreading civility throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. She provides on-site workshops for admin. assistants, attorneys, new-hires, in-service, professional development events, break-away sessions, non-profits, general speaking, univ/colleges, high school students, schools, as well as private consultations to help you upgrade your professional presence.