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When They Come Home From College for the First Time

Returning home from college or university can be a difficult adjustment for both student and parent, especially when it's the first time back home. After all, many students have dreamed of going to college for years and may have only been able to attend with the help of GoFundMe so...


Madonna and the Trump Piñata

Madonna and the Trump Piñata

Madonna, really? A Trump piñata at your son's 11th birthday fiesta?  Are there lessons to be learned here? Q:  Is it acceptable to furnish a political-figure for a child's party, for any purpose? A: Well, maybe a stand-alone life-size poster where children and parents alike could use as a photo op.  Or,...

School Carpool : Before You Say “Yes”

The School Carpool. I did it, but I didn’t always love it.

Before you say "yes" to a carpool there are some things you might want to consider. While it is a practical practice, it doesn't work well for everyone. For the most part, it had nothing to do with the teens in the back...

School Carpool Etiquette

School carpool etiquette for parents.   

Friendly relationships have soured because of carpooling. Oh, it's not usually the children involved; it's the parents. School carpools are practical, but without a little etiquette, practical can quickly turn into intolerable. These tips can apply to children of all ages. However, I am focusing more on the older...

The Family Car

SuburbanThe Family Car

Watching memories drive away.

Rosalinda gets personal: In my navy blue suburban, we took family vacations, drove around my sons and their friends, had great conversations on the way home from school, drove on field trips, picked up groceries, toured around out-of-town...

Rosalinda’s Blog | Guest: Joyce Riley

130627_0001Grandma's rules live on; well, some of them.

My guest this week is Joyce Riley.  A senior with an old-school memory. Someone once said rules were made to be broken but, being a serious child and eager to...

Driving Etiquette

100_0822Driving Etiquette

The risk of making a left turn on red.

Why do so many people take a chance on making a left turn after the yellow light?  And sometimes, it's one or two automobiles that follow!   A month or so ago,...

Parenting Tips by Cynthia Klein

Parenting Tips By My Guest Blogger

Parents, Listen Without Blocking Communication

My guest this week, Cynthia Klein, helps repair crumbling parent-teen relationships.  The results are grand.  If her words speak to you, contact her.  Power up parents. I learned about  Communication Blocks many years ago when I studied the parenting program Active...

Parting With Your Stuff

Parting With Your Stuff

Getting Personal

Old vhs videos, a broken dresser, and speakers with stickers; that would make anybody cry, right? Things can be replaced, but on the other hand, things hold memories. more

Rosalinda’s Blog | Unpacking My Suitcase

Are you an I'll-get-to-it unpacker or an I've-got-to-do-it-now unpacker?

It seems that after every holiday, my suitcase sits for several days before I feel like unpacking it. I'll rummage through the suitcase looking for the item I need, but there...

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