100_0822Driving Etiquette

The risk of making a left turn on red.

Why do so many people take a chance on making a left turn after the yellow light?  And sometimes, it’s one or two automobiles that follow!  

A month or so ago, a dad and his young son, who was in the front seat, made that potentially devastating left turn. I say devastating because the light for us to proceed, had turned green.  

What would Stanley Roberts, Producer of “People Behaving Badly” say?

Think about this:

Adult driver; if you wish to take risks with your life (which is selfish), that’s your deal, but when you have someone else, especially your child in the car, that is contemptible.  What appointment could have possibly been of such importance that you were willing to risk getting hit, or worse, critically injure your child?  

Is that the example you choose to show your pre-teen-soon-to-be-driver?  They are watching you. 

Final Thoughts: Don’t risk it! With texting and gps screens in our cars, it is astonishing that there aren’t even more accidents.  An accident usually affects at least one other car–cars can be replaced, loved ones can’t.

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