Seeking to make only yourself comfortable, will undoubtedly cause discomfort to your seatmates.

An airplane, is a shared space. Unless you fly in a private plane, your behavior and special requests, cannot be met. Even in first class, not all behavior is tolerated.

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Here are 6 things that disturb your seatmates:

  1. Bringing your pillow from home:  If you decide to bring your personal pillow, please wash it! Please put on a fresh pillow case. You may be used to your natural scent/sweat, but not everyone will find it pleasant.
  2. Wearing what you slept in: Change into clean clothes. There is no excuse; it takes a moment. Select clean clothes the night before. This is especially nasty if you sweat or went to bed unshowered.
  3. Not showering: If it’s because you wanted to sleep in until the last-minute, sorry, but that’s a poor excuse. Knowing that you’ll be sitting  so close to other passengers, it is rude to expose them to your stink. This is especially nasty if you’ve perspired or made love the night before. Oh no, your fight is super early? Shower the night before. Wake up ten minutes earlier to take a quick shower. The perk is that you’ll feel more awake.
  4. Stinky breath: The worst, hangover breath! Do yourself and those around you a favor, buy gum or breath mints. Before flying, try to avoid eating foods that linger on your breath; garlic, raw onions, tuna… Sometimes, it can’t be helped. But if you become aware of it, so will your seatmate.
  5. Removing your shoes: I think that people who wear flip-flops figure their feet are already exposed, so why not slip them off. Well, because we as a society, deem bare feet as gross. Bring along a pair of clean socks and slip those on. If you’re wearing regular shoes, your seatmates may still be disturbed by your shoeless feet. Why? Your shoes may be smelly. Please keep your shoes on.
  6. Excessive time and space to seat yourself and make adjustments: If you have a seat assignment, but wish to change or place your carry-on in an overhead bin outside your area, expect to see a disapproving look. On an open-seating flight, taking excessive time to select a seat, will cause delays, as well as frustrate passengers and flight attendants. Getting comfortable in our seat requires a little tolerance from our seatmates. Avoid spilling into their space, stretching your legs into their space, or having your earbuds at full volume.

Final thought: If we consider how our actions affect those around us, there would be fewer annoyed passengers.

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