post-election etiquette tipsPost-Election Etiquette? 
Are sulking or gloating?

It’s post-election day, what does etiquette have to do with it? Well, most likely you’re either celebrating, moping, or super mad; which is understandable.

It’s how you handle your emotions; that’s where etiquette comes in, especially in the workplace.

4 Post-election tips to help you keep your cool and maintain a little professionalism: 

  1. Don’t argue about why “your side” should have won; it’s over, it’s been decided. Who are you trying to convince at this point?
  2. Don’t name-call your “adversary”, or make it personal. It is their right to have an “opposing” point of view. To them, you do.
  3. Don’t make passive-aggressive remarks as your “adversary” enters the conference room. “Well, well, here’s the person we can all blame for…”. Really?
  4. Don’t treat your coworker any differently just because you learned they voted a certain way. 1. You are there to get along with everyone! 2. Keep your opinions about non-work issues to yourself. 3. Practice tolerance and respect of opposing views, and get your job done!

Final thoughts: There is always a winning side and a losing side. That’s life. The sooner you accept it, or through the proper/legal channels take action to change things, the better for everyone concerned.

Keep in mind that one issue does not automatically define the whole person. So, don’t make assumptions.

If you’ve been a brat about it, apologize and move on. Find common ground with your “adversary”, take a deep breath, and know that life will go on.

Etiquette is an attitude. 

Don't Burp in the Board Room - Rosalinda RandallRosalinda Randall is the author of, “Don’t Burp in the Boardroom”, and a modern-day pundit on tact and civility. She has been successfully improving workplace environments and relationships by spreading civility and sharing enthusiastic and insightful advice for more than 14 years through her workshops and presentations.

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