Grocery Store Etiquette: 11 Rude Behaviors to Stop Doing

Shouldn’t grocery shopping be a pleasurable experience?  Yes. but sadly, people’s lack of social skills and increasing displays of rude behavior can quickly sour our visit to the grocery store.

Runing into neighbors, coworkers, and even ex-boyfriends–hopefully prompting friendly and light-hearted conversations can be an unexpected pleasure. Yet, there are times when we see people that we dread running into; so much so, that when we spot them, we quickly turn down an aisle that we had no intention of passing through. But, it beats the idle or awkward chit-chat, however well-intentioned. Or worse, the mandatory “Hi, let’s get together soon” spiel.

These are my top 11 rude behaviors to stop doing at the grocery store:

  1. Parking your cart in the middle of the aisle. (And, when I politely say, “Excuse me, please,” don’t give me the stink-eye, loudly sighing like I’m the problem.)
  2. Taste-testing, everything! (You’re not at a farmer’s market where samples are the norm.)
  3. Stop tossing your saliva dripping, stolen cherry pit into the broccoli. (First of all, that’s stealing. At least toss it on the floor in a corner; still nasty no matter what you do!)
  4. Strolling down the middle of the aisle as slow as molasses because you have all the time in the world, while on your darn cell phone loudly gossiping! (Move to the side and keep your gossip to yourself!)
  5. Providing an unsolicited lecture to another customer about what is in their cart. (None of your business.)
  6. Passing gas. (It lingers; don’t act like you don’t know when you’re the only one in the aisle.)
  7. Stealing. Especially when it’s for your child because you want to keep them quiet, or because you didn’t plan well.  (Your thievery causes the prices to hike and teaches your child to justify stealing.)
  8. Pretending you don’t see the person behind you with only three items while your cart is filled to the brim. (They’ll be through by the time you finish placing all of your items on the conveyor.)
  9. Don’t leave your shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot. Later having it roll into a parked car. (Carts are provided for the customer’s convenience. Walk it back to the cart-corral, or at least hook it onto a cement barrier. P.S. A shopping cart is not a garbage receptacle.)
  10. Speaking rudely or in a condescending tone to the employees. (Why would you?)
  11. Yelling at the deli clerk because your provolone order is over by three-ounces. (Really? That’s your problem of the day?)

Final thoughts: If you’re having a bad day, treat yourself to a donut. Don’t take it out on us.

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