Teasing and insisting a picky eater “try something new” is rude!

Instead of being labeled a “picky eater,” I prefer the term discerning; someone who knows what she likes and doesn’t like.

For example, I do not like avocados. What I often hear is: “How do you not like avocados!” Simple, I’ve tried them prepared three different ways, and I still don’t like them. Why is that not okay with you?

Most discerning diners have tried the foods they dislike.

If the discerning diner happens to be a friend or family member, a little urging or encouraging is passable. However, if it’s a business-related meal, please keep your comments to yourself, or someone might be rude right back, “It’s none of your business!”

Additionally, did you ever stop to think that they might have other reasons for requesting they leave off the capers? Besides, if I know that I’m going toss the the item, why waste it?

  • Picky eaters exist because they have dietary restrictions to consider.
  • Picky eaters exist because of religious considerations.
  • Picky eaters exist because as children they were forced to try everything, and now they can make up their own mind!
  • Picky eaters exist because they can.

Dear Daring Diners: I tip my hat off to you. Enjoy your meal your way and please allow me to enjoy my meal, my way. Thank you.

Here is a list of comments “discerning eaters” prefer not to hear from you: “Things Picky Eaters Are Tired of Hearing”

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