dating etiquette8 Dinner Date Etiquette Tips for Him and for Her.  


Call it manners or consideration if you prefer; but using etiquette on a dinner date will help increase your chances of getting a second date.

A date generally conveys having good time–revealing our best and having a positive attitude. And usually, our goal is to make sure that the other person has a great experience with us. Of course, there are times when nothing you do pleases the other person.



To be frank, all of the tips, whether listed for “him” or “her” are interchangeable.

Here are a few simple dinner date etiquette tips to consider:

For Him

1.  If you’re paying, give her an idea of the price point. “The stuffed chicken breast, looks good.” Do the same for the wine list. (Hopefully she’ll get the hint.)

2.  Be polite to the server. Acting superior or bossy, is not an attractive trait (in most cases).

3.  Don’t get drunk. Yes, I had to include it.

4.  Don’t eat like a caveman. And if your mama didn’t teach you, I offer private lessons.  Apply even if you’re eating barbecue with your hands.

For Her

5.  Be on time. Making him wait for you on purpose, is not nice.

6.  Say, “thank you”, even if he takes you to a casual joint.

7.  Stay off, or at least manage your social media check-ins and posts. You are out with him, not him and all of your friends.

8.  If you aren’t feeling the chemistry, be nice about it.

A date is a two-way street. He/she is not there to make sure that “your” night is super special.

Date with dignity. Treat him/her as you would like them to treat your brother or sister. Come on now, if it isn’t working, you can dig deep and be civil to the person.  However, if they’re being a schmuck or abusive, naturally you walk away.

___Etiquette is an attitude. 


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