National Hot Dog Day

It’s National Hot Dog Day!

Are there rules of etiquette on how to eat a hot dog? If I had my way, no! Well, not many.

Hot dogs, were a common lunch treat in our household. My mom would chopped up a couple of hot dogs, sizzle them, then add eggs; hot dog scramble.

We also know this tasty treat as a footlong, red-hot, frank, frankfurter, weenie or wiener.

If I were to recommend a few rules of etiquette to follow on how to eat a hot dog, they would be:

  • Be sure to have several napkins handy to wipe up the mustard off your cheek.
  • If you’re enjoying a hot dog with others, try to take smaller bites. A full mouth of dog and bun is unappealing.
  • If the hot dog is smaller than the bun, feel free to push the dog up, leaving part of the bun uneaten.  The NHDSC thinks otherwise. They also recommend using the “5 bite” rule.
  • If someone asks for a bite of your hot dog, politely offer to buy them their own.
  • Manage your burps. There is nothing as gross as a “hot dog” burp.

Whether you boil them, microwave them, grill them, or just eat them right out of the package, enjoy this delicious treat today, on National Hot Dog Day.

“As the legend goes, according to the NHDSC (National Hot Dog & Sausage Council), frankfurters were dubbed the “hot dog” by a cartoonist who observed a vendor selling the “hot daschund sausages” during a baseball game at New York City’s Polo Grounds. Concessionaires walked through the stands shouting “Get your red-hot dachshund sausages.” In 1906, Tad Dorgan, a cartoonist for a Hearst newspaper, was inspired by the scene and sketched a cartoon with a real dachshund dog, smeared with mustard, in a bun. Supposedly, Dorgan could not spell the name of the dog, instead writing “get your hot dogs” for a caption.”

For more tips on how to eat a hot dog on this National Hot Dog Day, visit National Hot Dog & Sausage Council   for more rules of etiquette.

Keep it civil. Keep it tactful. And, a sense of humor doesn’t hurt. 

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