Post-Election Aftershock

I did not watch the election day play-by-play; what for?  For me, it would like watching someone tediously describing someone crossing the street. “Wait for it…there, she lifted her left foot about four-inches off the pavement, slowly placing her heel in front of her right foot...” Aghhh!

Besides, except for my vote, I don’t have the power to influence the outcome.

After a restful night’s sleep, I learned of the election results this morning.  And so it seems that the post-election aftershock begins, for both sides. “Who would have thought he could really win (or she could really lose)!”

For the people who are asking, “What in the h*** do we do now?”  Well, the American way is to acknowledge, accept, and continue with our lives.

Additionally, we could:

  • be polite to others
  • hold our tongue unless it’s helpful and considerate
  • smile more often
  • give when we can
  • greet that grumpy coworker
  • be more helpful
  • do our job with integrity
  • complain a little less
  • have a picnic once in a while
  • apologize more often
  • let others be right (even when they’re not)
  • use a gracious tone when we speak
  • curse a little less
  • express your opinion, but not by putting down “rival”
  • keep your word
  • splurge on an ice cream/frozen yogurt, just because
  • stop blaming (even if warranted)
  • accept decisions with grace

Although the leader of our country, our community, our workplace, and our homes does set the tone (hopefully a positive one), ultimately, we are in charge of how we respond, behave, our attitude, and how we treat others.   

In the workplace, consider being extra careful about what you say.  In fact, avoiding the topic is a good career move. Time to show your skills; rise above the pettiness. 

At home, don’t allow hatefulness to infiltrate your evenings. Time to have fun. 

Friendships, especially for those who came to a screeching halt due to the elections, don’t allow a candidate to come between you. Time to mend. 

And so, my fellow citizens, let’s show the world that together we stand, together we continue to stand for goodness, resilience, respect, and forgiveness.  Because, broken and detached isn’t the American way.  We proved that on 9/11.

(Insert choice of high power) bless America! 

___Prepare for success; cultivate your social skills.

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photo source: 123RF