Super Bowl Party and Etiquette?

How to have fun and not be a jerk.

You’ve been invited to a Super Bowl party.  You’re all hyped up to support your team; that’s great.   But, if your football-watching style is “let loose and part’ay”, you might want to consider the following so that you aren’t asked to leave at half-time:

  • Don’t stay in the same spot throughout the game.
  • Don’t think that your commentary is better than the pros.
  • Don’t give away the point of the commercial.
  • Show some restraint if you are the only one rooting for the opposing team.
  • Don’t remove your shirt and bang your chest.
  • Don’t get stupid-drunk.
  • Keep cursing to a minimum (if you can’t, perhaps you should subscribe to”word of the day”
  • Think of others when bringing a beer or ice tea from the kitchen.
  • If it’s not your couch, please use a napkin.
  • Don’t get into a heated argument with other guests. (even if you are right)
  • Don’t force others to drink more so that you feel better about drinking more.
  • And if your team wins, blow bubbles, honk horns, and do a jig…no Burning Man  tricks.

These tips should be considered if:

  • you are a guest in a home that you are unfamiliar with.
  • there are children present.
  • there are ‘ladies’ present.
  • you want to be invited again.
  • the crowd is a mix of family and friends.
  • if you are in an apartment.
  • if you care about your reputation.
  • if you are on a first date.

Final thoughts: If you want to enjoy the game “your way”, stay home and watch it alone.

____Etiquette is an attitude.

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