The Urban Nudist

Public nudity; not a crime in some places

Q: “I was walking down a San Francisco street with my daughter, when we encountered a naked man walking toward us.   As he approached, all I could think of doing or saying was, “Good morning.” was that proper etiquette?”  –Confounded Dad

photo: Reuters

What would you do?

A: According to city and police officials, simple public nudity is not a crime. Lewd conduct is a crime. Being naked and aroused is a crime. But dropping trousers and wandering down the street is not. To have a naked person removed from the neighborhood, a resident would have to make a citizen’s arrest and then call the police.

The only people who aren’t allowed to bare all — or even wear costumes that resemble naked flesh — are waiters, waitresses or entertainers on duty in places that serve food and drink.  For more, please go to,  SF Examiner.

My take:  Keep your cool.  Whether you are protecting your child from seeing a situation or it’s not something you want to see, take a detour, cross the street, or look away.

Apparently urban nudity has a some rules; as long they have a cloth or newspaper between their booty and the bench, it’s all legal.

Since it’s legal (as of today) to bare all, you will just have to grin and bare it–or take it up with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

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