ETIQUETTE TIPS AND ADVICE FOR ACTORS AND THE FILM INDUSTRY:   Rosalinda Oropeza Randall, Etiquette Expert, Author, Actor/Actríz     


Keep in mind that everyone has a different, and sometimes unique process to prepare for an audition, a final take, or a live appearance. This may include religious or superstitious rituals, using specific items, or standing in a certain place.

I, for example, have a different process to prepare when I conduct an etiquette-related presentation than when I am going live on television. However, space and lack of privacy can dictate and force me to adjust my process. But isn’t that like life?

As actors, we can throw a fit because our surroundings or circumstances aren't exactly as we want them, or we can make adjustments and concentrate on the task at hand. Which is, delivering our best. #actors #castingdirectors… Click To Tweet

Tips and Advice on How to Read an Audition Room, Green Room and Film Set:

  1. It is important to recognize and respect all individuals who are present. Don’t stare, inquire, or make suggestions.
  2. If someone in the room seems stand-offish, please don’t take it personally. And certainly, don’t take it as a challenge to make them feel comfortable.
  3. Once an individual greets you or returns your greeting, and then disengages eye contact, accept that social cue as a polite signal that says, “Please leave me alone now.”
  4. If you need space, to ease everyone’s mind and not come across as anti-social, you may consider: a) Greeting everyone  b) Making brief small talk, then retreating. In this industry, it is wise and advantages to make a connection with others.
  5. Excuse yourself by briefly saying that you have a ritual or need to concentrate on your lines/key points. And wish everyone good luck.
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Etiquette Expert, Author, Media Source | Actor/Actríz

Imparting advice to businesses, private sessions, and the film industry. Available to hold virtual or in-person session to prepare individuals/groups for job interviews, dining out, improving communication techniques. Film industry:  Fine-tune actors’ etiquette skills for roles. Bilingual (Spanish/Mexican). Certified COVID Compliance Officer.

YouTube: Rosalinda Oropeza Randall

Instagram: rosalinda_randall

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Books: “Don’t Burp in the Boardroom”, “Keep Your Distance!”

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