11 airplane etiquette rules; if only we could

If only we could…

Flight Attendant Announcement:In the seat-back pocket you’ll find a laminated sheet titled, Airplane Etiquette. If you do not follow these rules, we will add your name to the “all-the-airlines-in-the-world database.”  After four infractions, your fare will be doubled for all future flights.”

What would you add to this list of 11 airplane etiquette rules:

  1. Don’t hold up the line to ask the flight attendant for a pillow. Find your seat, sit down, ask when everyone has boarded.
  2. Shower! At least do so the night before; use deodorant, put on clean clothes, and brush your teeth. Your momma may not mind, I am not your momma!
  3. Keep your smelly shoes on! You are not at home.
  4. When using the armrest, do not creep your elbow outside the armrest into the next person’s space. Isn’t taking over the armrest enough for you?
  5. Shush when the flight attendant speaks. This includes the safety instructions portion, especially if you are sitting in the emergency exit row. I want to know that you get it!
  6. You and your traveling companion may be in vacation mode, not everyone is. So, please keep it down until you reach your destination.
  7. Speaking of talking; keep your conversation family-friendly.
  8. When pulling the table top down and up, do so gently. The person in front can feel your every move.
  9. Do not bring your odoriferous meal on board. You had plenty of time to enjoy it prior to boarding.  We don’t want to smell it!
  10. If you are doing everything you can to calm your child, we all understand. Do not pay attention to the glares and stares. We all did the same thing to our mothers. Just ignore it. (However, do stop them from kicking the seat in front of them.)
  11. Unless the peanuts or pretzels were tainted, please relieve your bowels prior to boarding.

“Today’s society will ignore almost any form of public behavior except getting in the express line with two extra items.” –Paul Sweeney

Happy flying!

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