Awkward Bathroom Conversations

Tips on how to stop awkward bathroom conversations.

Q:  When using the restroom, there are people who without apprehension, continue the conversation while in the stall; I find it awkward to carry on a conversation while conducting my “business.”   What can I do to stop the chatter?

A:  Like most other dilemmas, this requires using social skills and awareness.  First, you don’t know if the other person is comfortable communicating during what is normally private matter. Secondly, you don’t know who else is an ear shot away listening in. 

As you enter the stall, say something like, “I’ll finish telling you in a minute.” 

If she/he is doing the talking, you can cut them off by saying, “Tell me the rest in a minute.”  “I’ll meet you out here; you can finish then.” “Sorry, I CAN’T HEAR YOU.”  And, if the chatter continues, ignore them, or flush.  

When you meet at the sink, pick up where you left off.

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