Hotel etiquette? It’s not what passionate lovers think about.

You have just settled into that sweet spot in your hotel bed, when you hear the passionate sounds of the guests next door. You shake your head because you’ve got to get to sleep to catch that early flight in the morning.

You try counting sheep. You try stuffing tissue in your ears. You place the pillow over your head, but nothing works.

Etiquette tips for the person next door to the passionate lovers:

1. Distraction: Turn on the television on low to create another sound that you can focus on.

2. Can’t beat ‘em…: Go with it and reminisce about your past escapades. It won’t get you to sleep, but it can be pleasurable until you do.

3. Ask for help: Call the front desk. This can be the wisest choice; relieving you from any potential retaliation.

4. Read: Cozy up to the shared wall, and enthusiastically begin reading the Gideon Bible.

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More tips to consider:

– When I travel, I carry earplugs. In fact, some hotels provide them.

– If you require a quiet environment, request it when you make your reservation, or upon arrival.

– Select a hotel that caters to business travelers.

Note: A sense of humor is suggested when reading some of the tips.

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