Michelle Obama’s Facial Expressions; can we please cut her some slack! 

Okay, picture it; you’re at your cousin’s wedding, you’ve never liked the guy she’s about to marry, but, because you are a supportive cousin, (and couldn’t talk her out of it…kidding) you showed up anyway.

But, when you hear your cousin’s future husband say his vows, you roll-your eyes while inadvertently letting out a-way-too-loud whispered, “Oh brother!” …All caught on video.

Whether you are a Michelle Obama fan or not, think about the pressure, emotions, expectations, the move, etc. that she and everyone sitting on the terrace were under.

Under such circumstances, I would be have been so outed, whether they were positive or negative vibes, my face would have told the whole story.

Unfortunately, my facial expressions speak for me. It is a lifelong goal to master my facial expressions…poker face?

Whether you see Michelle Obama’s expressions as negative or positive, in those circles, and in her position, the appropriate protocol is to harness emotions and control expressions and body language. Maybe, she figured, what for; she’s was soon to be a private citizen, free to express her feelings.  See, there I go with suppositions. (wink)

Could she, should she have controlled her expressions? Perhaps. And, perhaps, we are all misreading her expressions.

Final thoughts: When we are under pressure and emotions are running high, I’m certain that even if only for a moment, we’d sigh, nod our head, or involuntarily show some sign of discontentment, disappointment, nervousness, etc.

And, if we watched Melania Trump’s facial expressions, we could probably come up with all kinds of assumptions and speculations.

The moral of the story is, so what! Let’s move on, shall we?

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Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images