It is National Hamburger Day! 6 Tips on Handling the Hamburger.

If you’re a vegetarian, then I guess you are not interested in a day celebrating beef!

According to the “History” website, the hamburger is the world’s most popular food; over 40 billion burgers served annually.

Origin: It is said that Hamburg, Germany was where the burger got its start. Hamburg was known as an exporter of high-quality beef. In the 19th century, the beef was minced and seasoned with garlic, onions and salt and pepper, then formed into patties to make “Hamburg steaks.”

How do you like your burger? Rare? Medium? With or without mustard?

My perfect burger is medium-rare, lettuce, tomato, light mayo and heavy on the mustard (the regular yellow kind).

And what does manners or civility have to do with National Hamburger Day? How to eat it of course!

Some say, that you just pick it up with your two hands and take a bite. Others, prefer to cut the burger in half (that’s what I do). However, if your burger is rare to medium-rare, cutting it in half allows the juices to trickle out, making it even messier to eat.

6 Tips on Handling a Hamburger With Manners: 

  1. If you decide to enjoy your burger, choose to enjoy it around friendly company. Avoid ordering a burger at a job interview lunch or when the boss takes you to lunch. You might also consider avoiding a huge burger on a first date.
  2. Have plenty of napkins handy; licking your fingers is never okay. Well, unless you are in the privacy of your home. You may also want to wipe away your lips more often…drippy, remember.
  3. You can forget holding a deep conversation while eating a hamburger; try it.
  4. Don’t shove a burger in a vegetarian’s face. They have their beliefs, you have yours.
  5. Don’t lecture someone (especially as they’re biting into their juicy delight) about animal rights or cholesterol.
  6. Bite-size bites are almost impossible.  Please don’t shove half of it into your mouth.

Putting civil back in civility.

Rosalinda Randall, AuthorI’m Rosalinda Randall, pundit on societal civility and presenter. Also author of “Don’t Burp in the Boardroom.”

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photo source: dollarphotoclub