23-obama-chipotle.w529.h352.2xLeaning over food product is a no-no, no matter who you are. 

So, President Obama leaned over the sneeze-guard at Chipotle while ordering. Etiquette faux pas according to Twitter gone-ablaze.

Our President has recently set Twitter ablaze again when he was caught chewing gum during the ceremony honoring D-Day. Some say it was “nicorette®” gum, therefore, making it all right to chew in public. Sorry, Mr. President, as an etiquette expert, I would have respectfully advised against it. “Applause” for kicking the nicotine habit, but please, at the risk of throwing away time-honored traditions, please, please next time refrain, take a quick puff (you do have a lot of pressure on your hands), or chew before the cameras are on you.

You’re the President, a celebrity, etc., so you get a pass?  Reaching over food is just a no-no, no matter who you are!

What if the over-leaner had a dried mucus hanging from his/her nose; plop, right into the lettuce bin.

Something to think about:  Would “John Q. Public” have gotten away with the “lean over”?

Argument for the “lean over”:  Well, he’s tall, so he had to look over. (Bending knees or leaning down a bit to look through the protective glass would have been an option.)

Yes, I do expect my leaders (no matter the political affiliation) to set a good example, to follow the rules, to not expect special favors (and if they receive them, to be gracious and grateful).


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