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Rosalinda Randall has been addressing rude behavior and spreading civility for over twenty years.

She focuses on presence, communication skills, how to handle social dilemmas, and relationships.

If individuals ask themselves four key questions before they respond to a situation or comment, conversations would be more effective, with a lot less drama and less potential for a harassment claim or broken relationships.

By lending personality and humor, Rosalinda’s tactful, yet straightforward manner breaks down the perception that social skills and good manners are outdated or too formal.

Her common-sense based approach is coupled with a realistic perspective on today’s ever-changing workplace dilemmas, including harassment issues.

Over the last decade, Rosalinda has served as an expert source for Major Publications looking to share more on Workplace Culture; Soft Skills; Productive Communication; Variety of Common Relationship Dilemmas.

For media appearances or radio interviews, please contact me directly at 650.871.6200. For an immediate request: 650.515.0402

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For media appearances or radio interviews, please contact me directly at : 650.515.0402

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