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For over twenty years, Rosalinda Oropeza Randall, Civility and Etiquette Expert, Author, and Media Source, has been addressing society’s ever-changing behavior, offering tips and advice on how we can interact and resolve dilemmas without flipping out.

She focuses on personal presence, demeanor, communication skills, how to handle awkward dilemmas in the workplace and socially, as well as general relationship advice.

She has appeared on television, radio/podcasts, as well a quoted in a variety of national and international publications. She is available to provide commentary or serve as an expert source. For a comprehensive list, please click here.

By lending personality and humor, Rosalinda’s tactful, yet straightforward manner breaks down the perception that social skills and good manners are outdated or too formal.

Her common-sense based approach is coupled with a realistic perspective on today’s ever-changing workplace culture, personal behavior, and relationships.


For commentary, media appearances or radio interviews, please contact her directly for an immediate request: 650.515.0402

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For media appearances or radio interviews, please contact me directly at : 650.515.0402

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