Voting Day Etiquette

Ahh, voting day is almost here. (November 8, in case you haven’t heard.) That means your phone will cease to ring; no more political campaign calls. Your mail box will be reduced to only coupons from Bed, Bath & Beyond; no more proposition leaflets.

I wonder if the monotonous spewing of hateful remarks that we see on television and social media will also cease.

If you’ve voted by mail, you are one of 4 million who have cast early, avoiding the anticipated long lines at the polls.

For those of you who will be walking into your assigned polling place, here are few voting day etiquette tips to consider:

  1. Do not wear any articles of clothing, pins, or signs indicating support for a candidate or proposition. You will be asked to turn your “Vote for XX” t-shirt inside-out, remove your pin or cap.
  2. Do not campaign for your candidate or proposition inside the 100 foot free-zone. A polling place must be free from obstruction, intimidation, or name-calling. You are no longer in junior high where those tactics may have worked for you. No electioneering allowed!
  3. Do not make a fuss about the United States flag being present. It is displayed according to the United States Flag Code. Um, you are in the U.S. What would you expect if you were voting in Ireland or Canada?
  4. Do not ask the poll workers questions they can’t answer. Such as, “How many dem/rep have shown up?,” “Have you had any foreigners try to vote,?” or, “Has my neighbor, Magda voted yet?” NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!
  5. Do not ask the voter next to you for assistance about anything!  Whether it’s about a proposition, trouble with the eSlate, or where the nearest Starbucks is, use the “help” button on the eSlate, a poll worker will assist you.
  6. Do not take a selfie while in the voting booth.  Although, California has never enforced the “no ballot box photos,” Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill repealing the 125-year old law. Check your state’s policy.  A selfie can get you jail time! If only Justin Timberlake knew about Tennessee’s law before posting a selfie on Instagram. He faces thirty-days in jail and a $50.00 fine.
  7. Don’t be “that guy.” If you find yourself in a long line, behave! Apply the common-sense rule about topics you should avoid: politics, religion, and how much do you make. Take this opportunity to get to know your neighbors. Prepare; bring a snack or a book. If things get too heated, the poll workers will call the police.
  8. And finally, life is easier when you accept that not everyone is going to agree with you. You have the right to your beliefs, and so do “they.” Express it privately in the voting booth.

For more tips on getting along during this political season, click below  to watch my recent appearance on Good Day Sacramento.


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“Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt.”  –Samuel Adams

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