Dawn dating isn’t for everybody.

Dawn dating is a growing trend, among morning people. Would you be excited to get up early, maybe before sunrise, to meet a potential love interest? If not, this trend is not for you!

Before you set that alarm clock, it’s important to know some etiquette tips to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience.

9 Etiquette Tips to Do Before Meeting Up with Your Dawn Date:

One of the purposes of “dawn dating” is to get to know the “real” person in a more casual and informal atmosphere. Naturally, you still want to make a good impression, so being “real” doesn’t include being smelly or careless.

1. Brush your teeth. No reason to share your morning breath so soon.

2. Run a comb through your hair. put it up in a bun/ponytail. If you’re bald, give that gorgeous head a wipe.

3. Shower; it only takes two minutes for a quick swish! If you don’t want to shower, change your socks, underwear and sweats. Again, too soon for the “natural” you.

4. Do not take the “I’m not a morning person” attitude with you. If early morning isn’t your thing, don’t accept a dawn date.

5. Be clear about what the plan is. Will it include breakfast? Are you going on a five-mile hike? Without this information, they may not allot enough time, and they may not be wearing the appropriate clothes or shoes.

6. Have a back-up plan. If there’s a change in weather. Or, the coffee shop or trail is closed for repairs.

7. Be on time. Punctuality is extra important, not only because it shows respect for your date’s time, but it also allows you to enjoy the entire time.

8. Be clear about a start and ending time. Unless you both have a flexible schedule, stick to it. This shows consideration of each other’s schedules and commitments.

 9. If you plan on bringing Fido along, talk about it in advance to:  a. find out if they’re comfortable around dogs.  b. find out if their dog gets along with other dogs.  c. find out if dogs are allowed where you’re meeting.

Funny video: Anchors disagreeing on where to take a “dawn date” @mauriellefox2

After polling several single people, here are a few of their thoughts for and against “dawn dating”:

4 Reasons Against Dawn Dating:

1. It takes me a long time become “human” in the morning; this wouldn’t work.

2. I like to ease into my mornings; not prepare like I’m going to work.

3. It’ll feel like a work meeting; not special like an evening date.

4. I like my morning routine before work. And on the weekends, I want to sleep in.

5 Reasons In Favor of Dawn Dating:

1. It is less expensive than a lunch or dinner date.

2. You invest only a short time; enough to know whether you both want to proceed or drop it.

3. The expectations of wearing the right outfit or full-face makeup are removed.

4. The awkwardness about whether one or the other expects intimacy is considerably diminished.

5. Presumably alcohol is not involved, allowing you to know the clear headed version.


Dawn dating reveals something about a person’s lifestyle. If you aren’t a morning person, it doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed before it has had a chance to begin. If you have a lot of other things in common, you’ll find a way to work around this little difference. Being honest about your “real” self, is the most important thing. Faking it for someone isn’t nice.

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