Unless you’re still in high school, break up with some class not crass.

Breaking up is hard to do…can’t we give it one more chance?

Old-school break-ups generally took place face-to-face. Maybe a phone call.

Today, a break up can be done with a push of a button, in the middle of the night (when the chances of hearing back are slim).

Now if the guy/girl is a borderline psycho or have a history of going crazy when they don’t get their way, breaking up via a text or IM is a consideration, even recommended. Another option is to have the conversation in a public place, have a friend standing by, and be as kind as possible. This is when your social skills should kick in.

11 immature ways and reasons to break up unless you’re still in high school: (no offense high school students)

  1. via text
  2. via email
  3. a middle-of-the-night phone call
  4. a call when you know she/he is at his uncle’s funeral
  5. when they’re at work or in surgery
  6. when you’re with your new girlfriend/boyfriend
  7. when you are in a loud place, like a club
  8. when you’ve been drinking
  9. after you just get engaged to someone else
  10. pre-vacation break up so that you are guilt-free to roam around
  11. breaking up is your go-to solution for everything
  12. the day before their birthday, holiday, wedding

Final thoughts: Doesn’t a person deserve a face-to-face break up, especially if you’ve been in a face-to-face position in the bedroom?  Or at the very least a real live phone conversation?  Oh, you don’t want to deal with the drama of it all? Sounds like you waited longer than you should have to break up.  Besides, it’s polite, respectful, and mature.


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