130228_0002Keep Your Shoes On In Public Places

It might feel good to you, it smells bad to me.

Taking off your shoes in public is one way to keep others at bay.  Why would anyone take a chance on sitting down and risk taking a deep breath of Epoisses de Bourgogne cheese.  One of the smelliest cheeses in the world.  In fact, it is banned on public transport in France.  

By the way, the most malodorous cheeses give off the sometimes repugnant odor due to the growth of the bacteria, brevibacterium linens, which is the same bacteria that causes foot odor!  If we can eat it, why are we so grossed out at someone’s stinky feet?

Sitting several rows away, waiting to board our plane, there sat a woman who took her toes out for a breather.  They may or may not have smelled of brevibacterium linens, but who would take a chance.  

Take them out at home, in your car (if you’re alone), or at the beach, but in a common public area, keep them covered.  Especially in a confined in semi-ventilated space. 

Q:  When flying, I am opposed to people who wear flip-flops.  It gives the impression of being unwashed and possibly odorous.  In addition, I’ve seen some people who wear flip-flops pick their toe nails or scratch their feet while in the waiting area.  I don’t particularly want them holding my beverage as the flight attendant hands it to them to pass to me. What are my options?

A:  Your options?  Two.  Don’t order a beverage, or reach across and grab it from the attendant before “stinky fingers” does.  Depending on where you are flying, you will see more flip-flop wearers.   Another reason for the increase is the security line.  They easily slip on and off. Personally, I agree with you.  Because of the close proximity on the airplane, everyone should make an effort to practice good hygiene and keep their shoes on. 

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