Kellyanne Conway on the Boss’ Couch

Kellyanne Conway; Etiquette breach? Unprofessional? Or, getting the job done?

Kellyanne Conway is no stranger to controversy and criticism, and handles it quite well. The most recent is her sitting position on the boss’ couch.

While this is certainly not a big deal in the scope of our country’s situation, it has apparently warranted significant attention.

Here’s my take:  

  1. When you have to get the job done (group photograph, in this case), you position yourself any way that you need to, at the risk of looking awkward.  My take: Obviously, there was someone already taking a photo, therefore, it was not necessary for her to be in that position. Well, in this case it was.  You know how fond President Trump is about posting on Twitter. How else would she have it!
  2. Could Kellyanne Conway have narrowed the space between her knees just a little?  Yes. I admit, her demeanor and sitting position seems quite breezy for being in the Oval Office, and in front of guests. My take: Again, when you’ve got a job to do, fixating on the details is not an option. By the looks of it, she was caught up in the photo-op moment.
  3. Could Kellyanne Conway have pulled her dress down just a little? Yes, that would have helped minimize the attention to the space between her knees. My take: Refer to #2.
  4. Could Kellyanne Conway have seated herself in the “regular” seated position with her legs dangling off the couch?  Could she have gotten down on her knees to take the photo? (Never mind, that would have been a whole different scandal.)  My take: We weren’t there, so stop judging.

So, what is a woman-in-a-dress to do when she’s got to get the job done?  Wear pants? No, because a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do, couch or no couch.

For those of you who are ready to toss out the “race” card, please hold on to it. It’s a “photo-op position,” that’s it.

For those of you who say it is disrespecting the Oval Office, I might agree under different circumstances, however, internet photos show a myriad of people who sat in “undignified” positions all over that Office.

And finally, please don’t misunderstand, I am not saying that we should let it all hang out and forego all rules of etiquette.


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Photo source: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Image