Jacqueline Whitmore, CSP & Etiquette Expert10 Ways To Be Poised For Success.

I am honored to have Jacqueline Whitmore as my guest blogger this week.  She is an inspiration to me and many others.  Please be sure to check out her books and her newsletter.  And now, here’s Jacqueline:

What does it mean to be Poised for Success? Here are ten differences in thinking styles between the poised person and the “usual” person.

1. Poised people put others first; average people put their own needs first.
2. Poised people look for the positive in others; usual people focus on the negative in others.
3. Poised people are consciously grateful; usual people are never satisfied with what they have.
4. Poised people are willing to take advantage of opportunities that come their way; usual people dismiss or overlook opportunities.
5. Poised people face adversity with grace and view it as a gateway for growth; usual people view adversity as a problem or a setback.
6. Poised people stay calm and composed in tough times; usual people allow fear and anxiety to control their lives.
7. Poised people exude a humble self-confidence; usual people are insecure, uneasy, and uncertain.
8. Poised people are optimistic; usual people are pessimistic.
9. Poised people love to give to others and believe that they receive as much or more than they give; usual people believe that if they give they will have less.
10. Poised people draw admiration from others and attract other poised people in their lives; usual people are content with mediocrity and attract mediocre people in their lives.

To read more about Jacqueline Whitmore, please visit her website.  She is an international etiquette expert, speaker, and author of “Business Class – Etiquette Essentials” and “Poised for Success – Mastering the Four Qualities That Distinguish Outstanding Professionals”


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