Celebrity break-ups.

Recently, I received a surprise call from a popular sports talk radio show “Talksport” in the UK inviting me to comment on the recent breakup of Rory Mcllroy and Caroline Wozniacki.

To listen: May 22 talksport.com with Mike Graham (please forward to 19:30)

Topic:  Did Mr. Mcllroy handle the situation well?  In my humble opinion, he did. He did so in a very respectful and professional manner. He was considerate of Ms. Wozniacki, and kept things private and factual.

The guest that followed made an inciting remark; that is, in my opinion. It was something to the effect that we’ll know who jilted who by watching how he plays the game this week.

So, the fact that he did well, indicates what?  Tsk, tsk, purely speculation and scandal-generating.  No one but the formerly engaged couple really knows what happened, and knows how they really feel about it.

Mike Graham, a big American thanks for being so charming.


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