You find the perfect seat on the airplane, and then…

There you are, boarding the plane. You see a mom holding her infant–pass.  You see an ample man who is already encroaching on the seat next to him–pass.  Ah, you see a woman looking down at the airline magazine seemingly flying solo, so you shove your bag in the overhead bin, ease into your seat, she looks up, and you freak out!

You don’t want to be blatantly rude by getting up and moving seats, but your gut tells you to move.  You stand up, look around and see nothing, as the flight attendant announces that it is a full flight, “Please take your seats.”

You hesitantly take your seat and wonder why this woman is wearing a mask on the plane. 

  • Is she being conscientious so that she doesn’t spread her germs?
  • Is she protecting herself so that she doesn’t catch anything?
  • Is she from another country where this is quite common?
  • Is she hiding her identity?
  • Is she using this to avoid conversation?

While these questions run through your mind, she smiles (you see it in her eyes), and begins to explain that she needs to protect herself from catching a cold. She sweetly acknowledges that it can be off-putting to people, which is why she takes time to reassure her seatmates.

Final thoughts: If you’ve got some odd or uncommon quirk, use your social skills.  Take a moment to set your seatmate’s mind at ease by briefly explaining why.

Give me a masked man/woman anytime over a smelly passenger.

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