May 2 is World Naked Gardening Day!

The observation of gardening naked began only a few years ago (2005). They try to promote “a healthy sense of body acceptance.”

Just get naked and make your part of the botanical world a healthier and more attractive place.”

Well, I guess if you live in San Francisco or rural-area USA, with neighbors acres away from you, go for it. Well, unless it’s a foggy cool day in San Francisco. You might want to wear a wool beanie.

What are other things that you might want to consider to maintain civility and be respectful of your neighbors?

  • Apply sunscreen.
  • Warn your neighbors.
  • Invite your neighbors. (They’ll be less likely to call the authorities or take photos.)
  • Place a canopy or surround your backyard or patio with sheets for privacy. Perhaps you might want to add some high fencing as well similar to those provided at this Colorado Springs fence company. This adds extra privacy to your garden.
  • While crouching down in the dirt, be aware of wasps, killer bees, termites and gophers. (Ouch! All jokes aside though, if your garden is overrun with pests, you can learn more about how to get rid of them for good here:
  • Check with your city and county laws.
  • Compromise and wear a lose cover up without the undies or bra.

Prancing around the garden buck naked can be exhilarating to some, and quite disagreeable to others. Use prudence. Rest assured, the services provided at are extremely professional and would never ever do something like this!

If your neighborhood or complex doesn’t offer the privacy for World Naked Gardening Day, consider planning ahead and reserving a private get-away. Don’t forget to take your gardening gloves, rake and hoe.

For more on: World Naked Gardening (Please use caution; nude photos)

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