July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month

As a society, we have determined that cell phone conversations and texting in public places is annoying, inconsiderate, and unsafe. Not to mention with bluetooth and location services, it might be more dangerous security wise, to use a phone in public – see the latest phone security statistics for examples.

Admittedly, we’ve all been guilty of annoying people with our cell phone conversations and blindly walking while texting. Some people even start becoming very troublesome with their calls, at times even screaming and yelling, causing distress to the nearby people. Such behaviours can get out of hand when accompanied by alcohol. While the system isn’t criminalizing loud behavior, it falls under class 1 misdemeanour “disorderly conduct”. Consequently, if the person does not calm their tone, the police can charge the him/her with disorderly conduct even when no other assault or crime has been committed.

Nonetheless, because July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month, let’s all make an effort to be a bit more considerate when we’re out in public.

Consider this: You can only count on so many people who will be looking up from their phone in time to save you from bumping into a pole, who won’t switch to video to record the incident, or who will be willing to take action to save you. Walking whilst texting will also increase the risk of damaging your phone. You’re more likely to drop it as you walk, leaving you needing a cell phone repair poway service to fix it for you.

Here are 8 ways to be more considerate when using your cell phone in public places:

  1. Keep the topic and word choice, family-friendly.
  2. Once you enter a public restroom, hang up! (You may not mind having your “business” out there…)
  3. If you must text, take or make a call, make it brief.
  4. Tell the caller that you’ll call back later or let the voicemail feature handle it
  5. If people are staring or giving you a look because you’re too loud, take a hint, please.
  6. Walk away to a secluded area.
  7. Speak in a low voice.
  8. When you approach the check stand, reservation desk, any service counter, hang up!

11 reasons why we want you to stop talking on your cell phone in public places:

  1. You are boring everyone around you.
  2. Your one-way conversation is an irritant.
  3. You are forcing us to know way more than we ever wanted about you.
  4. You force society at large to be your caretaker, jumping in front of an oncoming bus to save your life.
  5. You expect society at large to move because your head is buried in your phone.
  6. On public transportation, I might be trying to doze off.
  7. I might be trying to have a conversation with the person next to me.
  8. I might be trying to read.
  9. Someone might be trying to flirt with you. (You wouldn’t want to miss that, would you?)
  10. You’ll never be the person who society can count on to help others in need. (A sad existence)

By the way, since your conversation is in public space, you wouldn’t mind if we joined in and shared our opinion, would you? We’ll help you solve your drama dilemma, and then we can all enjoy a peaceful walk or ride home.

July is “cell phone courtesy month,” let’s all begin showing each other a little more courtesy and consideration.

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