4 Reasons to Stop Using the “f” word at work, at home, in public…

The “f” word has lost its impact.

Saying the “f” word used to raise eyebrows, especially if it was overheard in public. People would make conclusions about the type of person you were; shady, common, or at the very least, lacking in social skills.

Today, it’s commonly used as a filler or as an adjective to give umph (good and bad) to the statement. “It was “f-ing” awesome.” “You are “f-ing” kidding me.” And so on.

It’s common to hear someone throw around the “f” word in public and in the workplace.

Old-school rule; people would refrain from using curse words in “mixed company” (ladies present), around family, children, and especially in the workplace.

“Profanity is the inevitable linguistic crutch of the inarticulate.” -unknown

4 reasons to stop using the “f” word at work:

  1. Using this, or other curse words take away points from your professional image. (It shows poor judgement and lack of respect for coworkers, boss, clients who find it crass.)
  2. Your boss may pass you over at promotion time. (Assuming that you aren’t serious about your career, possibly lacking leadership skills, or the ability to communicate in a professional manner.)
  3. Someone else will be chosen to represent the company at the next conference.  (Apparently, your lack of social skills and vocabulary choice isn’t a part of the company’s brand.)
  4. It’s all played out; it’s so common. (Break the habit; read the Thesaurus for new adjectives; decide that you have better things to say and be remembered for something other than the “f” word.)

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