Annoying habits society wants you to stop doing. 

Today is Build a Better Image day. One quick way to improve your image is to conquer an annoying habit.

We’re all guilty of a annoying our friends, family, and coworkers with a habit or two, which lucky for us, they overlook it. What happens when our habits pile up? Should they point it out?

17 annoying and nasty habits that people should stop doing in public: 

  1. Licking your fingers
  2. Picking your teeth
  3. Picking your toes or rubbing your feet
  4. Picking something off the sidewalk and eating it
  5. Scratching your sweaty/oily scalp and then shaking hands
  6. Scratching crotch or armpit
  7. Picking at your wedgie
  8. Unending whistling
  9. Biting your nails and spitting them out
  10. Using “Um” and “like” 13 times in one sentence
  11. Cracking your knuckles during a conversation
  12. Smacking your gum
  13. Looking away during a conversation
  14. Spreading your stuff all over the place
  15. Nose picking
  16. Endless conversations on speaker
  17. Standing in the middle of the sidewalk or aisle because you have an important text to respond to

Final thoughts:  What if we practiced social skills, became more aware and considerate of how our actions affect those around us…or if we watched a video of ourselves, how many of these annoying habits would be caught doing?

What better day to thwart our annoying habits than today, Build a Better Image Day!

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