Your response to rejection is as important as the pitch.

Pouting, becoming infuriated, blaming your competition, or telling me I must listen to your 27 minute sales pitch, will not improve your sales. In fact, it’s exactly how to lose a sale.

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or hold a sales position, you will get turned down. If you cannot handle rejection, I recommend you develop a thick skin or seek a new career.

How you react to the rejection is a tell-tell sign that maybe, just maybe, you aren’t cut out for this–not everyone is.

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sales pitch, Picture it (a real experience):  You’re approached by Wanda. Before you introduce yourself, she opens up her bag o’ products and she asks you to “Try this.” You decline. She insists, several times. You can’t take it anymore so you hesitantly take a swig of some blueberry-flavored energy juice; not bad. Wanda begins here thirteen-minute sales pitch; you want to scream but that wouldn’t be professional. You politely thank her for her time and compliment the juice, ending with an obligatory “May I have your card?”

As you excuse yourself, she grabs your arm asking why you aren’t placing an order. “Some other time” you reply and she goes off about how you wasted her time. And that’s how you lose a sale.  

5 consequences of losing that one sale:

  1. I will not do business with you, ever.
  2. I will not refer or recommend you or your product to anyone, ever.
  3. I will not use the services or buy products from people you recommend. (At the very least I’ll be cautious and double check your referral…if they’re anything like you…)
  4. I will politely decline to comment if anyone asks me about you, your product or services. (You wouldn’t want me to tell-all, would you?)
  5. I will attempt to avoid you next time I see you at a business function or supermarket.

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Final thoughts:  Interest people first.  They may buy in the future or tell someone about you who will.  Using forceful tactics may get you “that” sale, but you can kiss future sales goodbye. My presentation Subtleties That Seal The Deal, is great for anyone in sales.

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