Are you the cranky coworker that makes the workplace atmosphere unpleasant for everyone? 

Everyone, even the most cheerful person has a cranky moment now and then.

If your mood is always set on “cranky,” you’re either going to be a very lonely person or attract like-minded grumblers to hang out with.  (What fun!)

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. –Albert Einstein

Let’s suppose “cranky” is your zone, no problem, while it’s on your own time. However, when you’re on-the-clock, it becomes everybody’s problem, and that is a problem.

Let’s also suppose that you want to change your cranky image, here are few simple ways to do it:

  1. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier so that you make time to actually sit and enjoy your morning beverage. Instead of impatiently waiting in a line and complaining about it all morning.
  2. Listen to a few minutes of comedy online or to a favorite song. It’ll do more for your mindset than scrolling through social media to learn that only three people “liked” your post.
  3. Bring in donuts for your coworkers. No doubt you’ll see surprised expressions but also smiles all-around. Donuts tend to make most people happy. Doing things for others instead of yourself and watching their reaction will evoke fuzzy feelings inside.
  4. Don’t let your look dictate your attitude. Dress better than you usually do. How we look will either scream “I don’t care” or make you feel like struttn’ in humming “I’m too hot; call the police and fireman; hot damn…”
  5. Avoid talking about or participating in controversial or hot-button topics, even if you are in agreement. If the conversation goes downhill, so will your attitude.
  6. Talk to or hang out with coworkers that are not in your “circle of crankiness.” Their mood and vibe will rub off on you or at least not encourage negativity.
  7. Seek help. Talk to a trusted coworker, manager or outside mentor who will be honest with you and provide you with solid and unbiased advice.

Final thought: Being cranky or moody is a choice–a choice which limits you. You won’t be the one people first think of when putting together a party guest list. And, you won’t be the person your boss thinks of when there’s an opportunity to represent the company or to entertain a client.

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